He is an extraordinary professor of Economic Law, holder of the chair of “Public controls on business crises” at the Department of Economics and Business Sciences at the G. Marconi University, and professor of Economic Law – advanced course at the department of Law and economics of productive activities at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

A scholar and supporter of State intervention in the market, he was, in 1987, Councilor, on the subject of state shareholdings, to the former Prime Minister and Senator for life Emilio Colombo, Minister of Budget and Economic Planning in the Goria Government.

He is President of the Italian Committee for the World Food Program (UN World Food Program Italy) who succeeded the former Ambassador to Washington Giovanni Castellaneta, of whom he was deputy vice President.

Director and consultant of public and private high-tech multinational companies, he was appointed from 2003 to 2014  Extraordinary Commissioner for large groups in crisis, as well as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the Mabo s.p.a. Group in extraordinary administration. “He is particularly known for having achieved, as the sole Extraordinary Commissioner of the Cablelettra Group – European leader in the automotive sector with 12,000 employees in Italy, Poland, Brazil, Tunisia and China, with a very significant stake in the Valtur group – one of the most important reorganization operations through the sale within the scope of the law on the extraordinary administration of large groups in crisis“. The reorganization was carried out through the sale of the industrial activities only, excluding, therefore, the real estate assets, at a price significantly higher than the appraisal of the entire Cablelettra group, combining it with the maximum protection of employment levels. The buyer was the Japanese Yazaki Corporation, a world leader in automotive production.

He was Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the S.A.S.T.CA. Consortium between Bull H.N. Italy S.p.A. and Olivetti S.E. S.p.A. for the production, technical management and marketing in Italy and abroad of the “automated printing and paper processing system” –

His work “L’Amministrazione straordinaria dei grandi gruppi in crisi: lineamenti giuridici” (“The extraordinary administration of large groups in crisis: juridical features”) (Jovene Editions, Naples, 2005), is one of the reference texts on the subject “also consulted by the Constitutional Judges. In fact, on the subject of revocatory actions, the work carries out an argumentative path subsequently taken up by the Constitutional Court ruling “on the occasion of the revocatory actions that the extraordinary commissioner of Parmalat, Enrico Bondi, had initiated against Hsbc Bank and a pool of banks headed by Monte dei Paschi di Siena”.


  • Extraordinary Professor of Economic Law at the Department of Economics of the University of Rome Guglielmo Marconi – Holder of the chair of “Public Controls on Business Crises”;
  • Professor of Economic Law – advanced course at the Department of Law and Economics of Productive Activities of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”;
  • President of the Italian Committee for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP Italy);
  • Chief Executive Officer of Consap S.p.A .;
  • Extraordinary Commissioner, in a monocratic body, of Cablelettra S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration (among the European leaders in the automotive wiring sector with 9,000 employees in Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Brazil and);
  • Extraordinary Commissioner within the three commissioners of Maflow S.p.A., Maflow Polska and MAN Servizi S.r.L. in Extraordinary Administration, among the European leaders in the production of rubber and aluminum tubes for automotive air conditioning systems, (4,500 employees in Europe, Asia and South America);
  • Extraordinary Commissioner of Provincia Italiana della Congregazione dei Figli dell’Immacolata Concezione in Extraordinary Administration (IDI-SANITA’ GROUP) and ELEA S.p.A .;
  • Liquidator of SO.GE.SI. S.p.A. (Unicredit Group);
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Mabo S.p.A. in Extraordinary Administration.