Banking and Financial Market Law

The firm is highly specialised in the area of banking and financial law, dealing with corporate finance transactions, structured finance and derivatives, factoring, securitisation, as well as the financial aspects of transactions relating to non-performing portfolios or insolvency situations, and providing assistance to investors, bondholders, debtors, creditors, insolvency practitioners and storers. As a result of its specialisation in this field, the firm also provides legal assistance and advice to banks in extraordinary transactions, such as share capital increases and bond issues.

In addition to providing advice on issues typically related to the conclusion of banking contracts and the management of related litigation, the firm has acquired a high level of professionalism in the protection of investors in financial instruments, derivative contracts, warrants and options as well as repurchase agreements.

The team of lawyers also assists in listing and placement of financial products (shares, bonds, mutual fund shares, etc.), with particular reference to situations which, due to their complexity or novelty, require non-standard solutions or specific in-depth examination of regulatory issues, also managing relations with the competent Supervisory and Market Authorities.

In the area of litigation, the Firm has a particular expertise in the management of revocatory actions, as well as in general passive litigation and in the recovery of outstanding loans and/or non-performing loans (NPLs), including through the use of the EPC platform, in order to manage the relationship with the main credit intermediaries and with the most important assignees of NPLs.

The team is coordinated by Prof. Avv. Francesco Longobucco, a former Banking and Financial Arbitrator appointed by the Bank of Italy at the Board of Bologna and Head of Compliance, Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering at Siriofin S.p.a.


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